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Fresh Coast Productions can design, direct, produce and deliver virtually any type of business communications, web, and broadcast media. Whether your need is for a promotional DVD, Web-based Training, Live Video Streaming, Business Meeting Video Modules or Broadcast Television, we have the creative professionals and production resources to effectively deliver your message to your audiences wherever they are.
Film and Video Production Crews - Video and Film Camera Rentals - Lighting and Grip - Production Support - Virtual Set Blue Screen-Green Screen Shooting Studios - SoundStages - Audio Recording and Mixing - Video Editing - In the Fresh Coast region of Milwaukee WI and Chicago IL, FRESH COAST Production Resources stands alone as the one organization that provides everything for Film-Video-Audio Production, Post Production, Mastering, Authoring and Web Streaming.
Film_Video_Audio_Music - Production Studios and MultiMedia Services
Corporate, Industrial, Sales Videos that prove why your company is unique.

We focus on developing content and a creative approach that will truly differentiate your company and your products from your competition. This is after all the goal of any sales or marketing effort. Why should video be any different?

Training Videos that motivate as well as inform.

It's easy enough to "show" someone how to perform a process. But first, you've got to get their attention. And then, you need to prove the value of doing it right. We hear clients say: "It doesn't have to be that good. It's just a training video." We disagree.

Web Videos that put your message in front of millions of viewers at minimal cost.

The growing popularity of video streaming sites like YouTube allow you to put your message in front of your customers for a fraction of the cost of in person sales calls. But just any old video won't do. Today's web audiences have the attention span of a 6 year old. If you can't tell you story in 3 minutes (less is better) no one's going to watch it. We know how to make web videos that work.
Virtual Set Studio

There was a time when terms like virtual sets and virtual reality film making were associated only with Hollywood. With our 2,000 sq. ft. Virtual Green Screen Studio, real-time live keying, and library of virtual set backgrounds, these same techniques are available and affordable for corporate, industrial and training video production right here in Wisconsin.
Film_Video_Audio_Music - Production Studios and MultiMedia Services
Meetings & Events

We take the same approach to producing meetings and events as we do any other production. We begin with your expected outcome, and work to develop the content and create a presentation environment that will best achieve that outcome.

We can provide turn-key meeting solutions that include everything from designing and producing your presentation media, to on-site event coordination and show direction. We can assist you in selecting an appropriate meeting venue; perform site surveys, negotiate with staging companies, coordinate off-site activities; book speakers; or just about any other support you may require..
Video Recording & Editing

A great script, spectacular graphics, and gorgeous footage means nothing until they are all brought together in the edit suite. Our state-of-the-art, all digital HD video editing suites, developed for our internal projects, are also available to corporate communications departments and independent producers at competitive rates. We routinely work with all professional video and digital cinema formats including Red Raw.
For television producers and independent film makers, Fresh Coast can provide the final polish - the colorizing, shading, ADR, Foley, audio sweetening and mastering to prepare their film for broadcast or distribution.
Audio Recording & Production

Our versatile, all digital audio suite is designed and equipped to meet virtually any audio production requirement from simple voice-overs and radio spots, to original music creation and complete motion picture soundtracks.

And like all Fresh Coast's post-production capabilities, our 8.5' x 12' isolation room, multi-track Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 mixing and mastering, and extensive production music library are available to outside producers at competitive rates.
DVD & Blu-ray Authoring & Duplication

We provide encoding, authoring, menu design, and mastering for DVD and Blu-ray discs as well as the duplication of virtually any type of media. We even do 8mm and 16mm film transfers.
Our in-house short-run duplication facility means we can deliver your media - DVD, Blu-ray, CD, or tape - when you need it. We also provide packaging design, artwork and printing.
Plus our in-house video editing and audio production capabilities mean we can modify, restore, and enhance your existing masters prior to duplication.
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